Magic points

Magic points are necessary to use augment powers. In this setting, magic is a rather loose energy that can be most easily used through the body, meaning that the easiest way to perform magic is through amazing physical feats that allow treating the rules of physics in a most cinematic fashion.

In order to accumulate the energy necessary to fight, one most fight and charge it, choosing when to expend it in powerful bouts. Once per round, a character that uses an unaugmented attack power can choose to gain one Magic point; unaugmented attack powers are At-Will powers on which the character does not spend any additional Magic points through abilities or similar effects.

Other abilities can allow characters to generate Magic points. Unless otherwise specified, a character can never generate more than one Magic point per turn, but it’s possible to generate a Magic point and spend it in the same turn.

Normally, a character can only hold up to 3 Magic points at the same time. Magic users can accumulate up to 4 and some other abilities allow to keep even more. Magic points are lost once an encounter ends.

When using Augment powers, the number after the Augment keyword will indicate how many Magic points must be spent in order in order to use the listed powers. The Magic points are spent after the primary targets are chosen but before making the attack rolls. Some abilities offer you the option to spend Magic points in addition to those listed on the power, these extra expenditures must be decided before rolling as well. Note that while it is possible to augment At-Will powers, they do not generate Magic points when used as indicated above.

Magic points

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