Welcome to Tyris!

The Kingdom of Granado would like to thank you for participating to this expedition on its behalf.

Know that your efforts will be greatly rewarded by the benefits your very own hands will reap as you settle the new continent under the protection of our glorious banner. Know that you will be supported through the necessary hardships to bring civilization and comforts to these new lands. Know that your children and your children’s children will regard you as a hero, for their lives will be comfortable and safe thanks to your efforts.

Settlers and volunteers, know that you are becoming part of history and that this expedition would not be possible without you. Disregard the propaganda of our neighbours and fear their threats not: our army can and will protect you from the jealous and the ill-intentioned that pitifully try to imitate our efforts, know that their expeditions are ill-prepared and are no source of concern to you.

To all those of higher station, gentry and nobility, know that the Kingdom of Granado has decreed to create a new station of nobility: those that will be chosen to rule over the colonies of His Highness in the new world will be known as Governors and their ranks are duties will be comparable to those with the title of Marquise. Know that His Highness, the King, demands that you are to be an example and a paragon for the commoners and will reward the one contributing with the greatest and most glorious tributes with the title of Governor.

Know that the banner of your Kingdom flies high above your heads and your very actions reflect on its glory.

King Sigurd Augustus Comitianus, High Ruler of Granado

Brave new world

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