Ekaterina Anasthasia Zubeneschamali

Saint Knight of the Star of Justice


Human Lagomorph
Paladin lvl1

STR 16 / +3
COS 11 / +0
DEX 14 / +2
INT 10 / +0
WIS 14 / +2
CHA 15 / +2

FORT 14 (10 + 3 cos + 1 class)
RFLX 13 (10 + 2 dex + 1 class)
WILL 13 (10 + 2 cha + 1 class)
AC 10 (10)

Initiative +2 (2 dex)

Acrobatics 2+2
Arcana 0
Athletics 3+5
Bluff 2
Diplomacy 2+5*
Dungeoneering 2
Endurance 0+5
Heal 2
History 0
Insight 2+5*
Intimidate 2
Nature 2
Perception 2+2
Religion 0+5
Stealth 2
Streetwise 2
Thievery 2


Uncanny speed: Once per round, a Lagomorph can Cover Ground as a minor action instead of a move action.
Herald of benevolence: You gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy checks made to reach peaceful agreements and stop fights, and a +2 bonus to all Intuition checks to assess a creature’s state of mind. Demihumans and monsters will generally have a better disposition towards you than to other people.
Chastise the foul: Whenever you attack an enemy, you can also choose to mark him until the end of your next round. If an enemy you have marked performs an attack that does not include you in its targets, he suffers 1 + your Charisma modifier radiant damage.
Mixed martial arts: You can learn one At-Will attack power from another class instead of yours and you can learn up to one Charged attack power per rank from a different class. This stacks with the Multiclass ability.
Weapon proficiency: Paladins of Iria are proficient with Unarmed combat and 4 more weapon groups. In Ekaterina’s case, these are Heavy Blade, Polearm, Axe and Rifle.
Armor proficiency: Paladins are proficient in all types of armor.

BACKGROUND: Knight. +2 to Diplomacy, Intuition and Streetwise with commoners, +3 to Revenue rolls to generate Influence when helping commoners.


(marianne_wagner on danbooru)

Ekaterina Anasthasia Zubeneschamali

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